Isla Rosa
eye • la  
ro•  sa

We are a small company based in Scotland motivated to revolutionising the skincare industry - shifting from being one of leading causes of plastic pollution to an environmentally conscious production that encourages the health of humanity without damaging the vitality our home.

Our way of combatting this issue is to create and provide a sustainable product for skin care enthusiasts who are keen to make more ethical choices.  Not only does our company strive to nurture the health of your skin, we do so in a way that doesn’t hinder the planet.

We have a strict plastic free policy and our ingredients are locally sourced where possible. In addition, we are strongly against the use of animal testing in all ingredients and materials therefore our product is 100% cruelty free.

Isla Rosa is a blush pink and mottled green limestone native to Scotland. The name came naturally to us, not only because we take pride in our country’s rich heritage, but because the stone symbolises strength, prosperity and beauty - a perfect building block for our ever-growing brand.

We refuse to be constrained to trends; we value honesty and integrity above all. As a community brand, we believe in just that and we put our time and energy into accumulating knowledge, utilising it, and passing it on to you.