How does sustainability relate to the beauty industry and us, as consumers of products within this industry?

Be conscious of packaging.

How quickly we get through bottles of shampoo for example is enough to make us realize the vast quantity of chemicals, single-use plastics and other non-recyclable elements to product packaging.

Fossil fuels are used to mass-produce in factories, which have negative consequences, such as the pollution of our ozone layer, air, oceans and landfill.

To avoid all these, beauty products contained in glass bottles could be purchased, easy to reuse or repurpose. In addition, it is important to not overlook how the products are shipped. Although the traditional shipping involves the usage of large quantities of single-use plastics, in the last 10 years the environmental damage awareness that these implicate is slowly changing the industry.

Customers have the power to create demand, YOU have the power to create demand.

Companies look for in demand trends and adapt their products to meet those demands. Therefore, by supporting business with sustainable policies, you can encourage other companies to do the same.

Reduce chemicals usage.

How? Easy, natural ingredients!

Chemicals for cosmetic purposes don’t just enter the environment through factory chimneys and extractor fans, they enter our soil and water systems as well. Besides, it is not only harmful for the environment but for you too. The use of chemicals can sensitise our skin barrier and thus, weaken our immune systems.

By using products made of organic and natural ingredients, you are not only being sustainable but improving your health.

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying local.

Buying from local small business can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Especially if those companies use local and/or organic ingredients, as the product itself and the components which have gone into it haven’t been imported by sea or air transportation.

By buying local you can help your home's economy as well as the environment.

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